Shoot 1 the Boyle family – photoshop.


Shoot 1 – In the style of The boyle Family.

This shoot is in the style of the Boyle family on the shoot they took. They conducted this shoot by picking random points around the UK to take photo of that location. I did this in my home village of Birdingbury, Warwickshire by using an ordnance survey map and a piece of string. I make a radius of 500 yards around my home and put 20 dots on to the map. This is how I found the locations for the photos above. The shoot represents the place I live and the things you don’t notice walking down the street. None of these photos have been manipulated but I plan too for my final piece for the Journeys unit. The contrast of all the photos is dull because of the time of day i took the shoot. But this made me think does everything look different when the light changes around you. It creates new shadows new looks and impressions that wouldn’t usually be there. So this is a possibility for my final piece too. The photos make me feel intrigued to find out what else can be found that you don’t usually look at. The shapes in the photo were all accidental as they were taken directly downwards on the point I chose on the map and all the photos are in colour.

London Cut outs – Final PIECE.

These are my final pieces for growth and decay. I have used the photos from my shoot in London on brick lane because it shows the decay of the area and how the people who live their get affected by it. I created the images by using the dark room to create negatives and positives. then I cut out the shaded sections of the image but not all the way though so there still was photography paper left. When i then placed them on to a Lightbox it highlighted the cut though areas. I did this to show that not all graffiti is vandalism it could be to hide messages or to help the graffiti artist themselves with emotions that they face everyday. You can tell this by the artwork they create such as if they drew people like the one i used. This person may me nothing to use but i may mean something to them such as a deceased family member or idol. Some gangs use images and tags to show areas that they ‘own’ / ‘control’. The photo make me feel interested to find out why some people graffiti and what goes through their mind when creating the piece.

London final piece Preparation.

I visited London in June for my project of Growth and Decay. I looked into graffiti and youth culture. I looked at graffiti as it shows gaps and floors in modern day society. Graffiti is a away to express people emotions or views. It promotes problems and views for across the world, for example one of the graffiti pieces says “Don’t stop the dreams, Boys and Girls”. This suggests that the artist could have had a troubled childhood and they weren’t allowed to be what they want to be. For example they could be gay or lesbian and there parents didn’t agree with it or that they got bullied for it. Graffiti may have helped them express there feelings.

Task 2 Homework – Photos.

I shot theses photos at a disused railway line near the village of Birdingbury, Warwickshire. I have focused my images on Graffiti and also the factor of neglect. I have talked about neglect before and i think it links with the photos above by the general public letting the railway get overgrown and vandalised by youths. Graffiti shows a decay in society with nothing for people to do o they go out to vandalise other people’s property. I have looked Joel Sternfeld  who looks at disused railways in america. I haven’t worked with any of my photos to improve them but i want to work in Photoshop and the darkroom to increase my level further. One of my photos is of a wall with graffiti on it. The wall has the slogan “Hillmorton Crew”. This is used as a form of identity and a marker for a territory. I think graffiti is interesting as people express their feelings and artistic sides with producing images or words. Some youths use graffiti as away to express their anger and emotions. I like the way i have captured the light with  the “Hilmorton photo” with it being divided into 2 showing a dark and light side to the graffiti shown.

Task 2. Experimenting.

For task 2 I had to put together a contact sheet with my own images. The theme was ‘growth and decay’. I took this idea and chose sections from ‘growth & decay’ and took photos.  My first photo of the tree that is cut in half is about the rings. My idea of this is the rings represent marriage and death as the small rings represent the start and then the bigger rings on the outside represent death and knowledge. The next image I want to look at is the hand with 20p coin and the £20 notes. This represents paths, paths of life and the money you earn. The more money the better the life is  for you. This image was edited using Photoshop. To get this effect in Photoshop you have to: 1. Open Photoshop. 2. File then open the images you want to use. 3 then use the lasso tool and select the parts of the image you want. 4 Copy the parts and then paste onto your main image. 5 Then use the move tool to put the image into position and use the opacity slider to get the best looking images. 6 save your work. Photoshop is good as it can completely change the image looks to different things such as sad to happy. Using Photoshop is a good way to show to meanings like the photo with the flower in my hand. I portray this as hold death in my own hand. I think this because the flower is slowly dyeing over a period of time and it’s getting smaller.


Experimenting with Depth of field 2.

This is my second shoot on depth of field, I have tried to improve my images by change the aperture and focusing more on the object I want. I looked at Growth and Decay and nature plays a big part in that so  I looked at flowers and trees. All of the photos were taken in natural light but i want to experiment with photoshop. I like the single stem of grass photo as I interpret it as being one of many but everyone different and there is billions of them and then related this to humans as their billions of people with everyone being different. Adding depth of field to my images makes me like the object in focus is special.

Experimenting with depth of field.

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This is my contact sheet for depth of field. I have experimented with narrow and grater depth of field. I have tried to get all of my photos in focus while trying to get a good depth. I have made sure all of my photos are only slightly over exposed. I prefer the a narrow depth of field as it highlights a sharpened focus on a certain area of the object and the rest is blurred allowing the viewer to focus on the area i have specifically chosen.

ISO Differences.

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