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Shoot 1 the Boyle family – photoshop.


Artist Research – The Boyle family.




The Boyle Family took series of images in 1969 where they picked a random place on the map and went and photographed it. The photos above are called the London Series. The photos above link because they are all of something that you use to travel on for example road or pavement. This could suggest that how much infrastructure is taking over our planet and how it’s making us change for the better or worse. I find the style of the Boyle family photos interesting and I will replicate this in my first shoot. All of the photos use basic colours but they have a lot of detail of what they are taking photo of. The lines painted on the road are really clear as you can see the paint marks on the road. Also the shapes are just lines or squares.The pavement image makes it look like a patten and could be anything, maybe a wall or building.

Artist Research – Walker Evans.



Walker Evans takes photographs of what he sees when he travels around America. This photo is taken outside a coffee shop looking in at the people inside and the people expressions. This photo was taken in the 1929 in New York and is Titled ‘Lunchroom Window‘.  The photo suggests that everyone in cities has their own little world and nothing is kept a secret. It symbolises this by having people sat in the window with Evans taking the photo of them. We could also interpret it as everyone has their own emotions and everyone thinks different. For example in the photo every person is pulling a different face and this shows how people react different to the same things. The photo is taken in Sepia Style as this was the type of camera they had back in 1929. I like the refection of the window as it adds depth and make it more interesting as you can faintly see what happing in the street behind. The photo makes me feel inquisitive  as i want to know what they are looking at.

journeys Contextual Pages

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 12.19.31

I have used the photos above to symbolise journeys because they all link in their own way. The baby photo links by the journey of life and how there is so much ahead of him/her. Things like school, marriage and children. The car crash symbolises that one journey can lead to another. Such as that on the way somewhere can suddenly change  if you have an accident and it can make a new choice for life. The Picture of a destroyed houses is that you can drive through places and see wealth/poverty. The image of cancer is how it develops and leads to a journey of how the patient deteriates slowly and then can get better or worse. The image of death row is the journey of death and how you know you will die in the matter of hours or minutes. I chose this image because it suggests a path that was taken before they ended up there. I will try to do this in my images. The photo of the bus ride is that along a journey you can see new things and new faces. I like this image because you see new thing that you have never seen and it creates an environment where everyone is alien. The photo of the rebels is that its the journey of war and how people are effect over one man/women and there actions they take. This inspired me because of the current situations of Syria.