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The movement of water – final piece.

This is my final piece for project 2, i chose the theme of journeys and explored the different journeys that takes place every day.  After much research and exploration, I focused on the way water moves and lead me to create this moving image. The inspiration of this piece came from someone pouring water from a bucket down the drain. So this lead me to pour a bucket down my driveway and film it on my SlR. Once I filmed it I manipulated in iMovie. I split clips and changed the speed, this gives it the effect of time slowing down. I also changed the contrasts and tones. I positioned camera on a tripod to hold it still hill the water flows, this adds the effect of time. Time becomes more noticeable in this piece, this is what I tried to recreate. My favourite part of this is how you can also see different parts of the film that aren’t even about the water itself. For example there is an ant that moves across the frame. This show s despite how in the 21st century we live busy lives and we don’t notice nature or anything but ourselves. This was lit by to LED lights to make it more bright, you can tell I have done this in the piece. This piece makes me feel young was it looks like a documentary and you learn if you just slow things down. If you look around the photo you can see a lot more things are happening.  I think it shows beginnings and new starts so this is also why it makes me feel young. I looked at my previous moving image piece, from that I created this one. But I still prefer my last one as I think it means more, especially to me.


Journeys Moving Image.

This moving image clip is taken along a road near my village in Warwickshire. On this quite country lane I decided to film the journey I have to take everyday to school. This is significant to me as school is where I learn and gain experiences for later life also meet new people. This is the relationship between the photo and me (the photographer).  This was taken on a summer rainy day in june and the white dull background is to symbolise that every day is blank to start with life in some respects as the day before is forgotten so we can expand and learn more. The clip is in colour but with a low contrast so it gives a black and white effect. The reason for this is you can start the day upset and lonely isolated in your headphones on the car journey but when you get to school with peers you can feel open again. This piece make me feel relaxed and calm because of the winding roads and soundtrack. This film was manipulated using Imovie. I slowed some of the clips to make it how it seems to the mind like time is dragging and when i manually put the camera out of focus it was to show sometimes we day dream. I also created a sound track to fit in the with the film. This helps to create mood and help the mind give its own opinion on the clip.

Joel Meyerowitz

Joel Me

This photo is of a woman driving a bus to Los angles airport with passengers. The photo could suggest that a airport can take you anywhere and it can lead to different experiences that could only happen once in your life. This was taken 1974 and we can tell this because of the style of the cars/buses and the clothes she is wearing. The title is  Los angles Airport, California. The colours are very neutral with blues, yellows and browns. The photos have not been manipulated but they could be to create different effects about the photo. This makes me feel like i want to know where she is taking people and if she’s taking them to the airpot where they will go from there. It uses a mixture of hard and soft lighting to get a effect of shadows and light.

Shoot 1 – In the style of The boyle Family.

This shoot is in the style of the Boyle family on the shoot they took. They conducted this shoot by picking random points around the UK to take photo of that location. I did this in my home village of Birdingbury, Warwickshire by using an ordnance survey map and a piece of string. I make a radius of 500 yards around my home and put 20 dots on to the map. This is how I found the locations for the photos above. The shoot represents the place I live and the things you don’t notice walking down the street. None of these photos have been manipulated but I plan too for my final piece for the Journeys unit. The contrast of all the photos is dull because of the time of day i took the shoot. But this made me think does everything look different when the light changes around you. It creates new shadows new looks and impressions that wouldn’t usually be there. So this is a possibility for my final piece too. The photos make me feel intrigued to find out what else can be found that you don’t usually look at. The shapes in the photo were all accidental as they were taken directly downwards on the point I chose on the map and all the photos are in colour.

Artist Research – The Boyle family.




The Boyle Family took series of images in 1969 where they picked a random place on the map and went and photographed it. The photos above are called the London Series. The photos above link because they are all of something that you use to travel on for example road or pavement. This could suggest that how much infrastructure is taking over our planet and how it’s making us change for the better or worse. I find the style of the Boyle family photos interesting and I will replicate this in my first shoot. All of the photos use basic colours but they have a lot of detail of what they are taking photo of. The lines painted on the road are really clear as you can see the paint marks on the road. Also the shapes are just lines or squares.The pavement image makes it look like a patten and could be anything, maybe a wall or building.

Artist Research – Walker Evans.



Walker Evans takes photographs of what he sees when he travels around America. This photo is taken outside a coffee shop looking in at the people inside and the people expressions. This photo was taken in the 1929 in New York and is Titled ‘Lunchroom Window‘.  The photo suggests that everyone in cities has their own little world and nothing is kept a secret. It symbolises this by having people sat in the window with Evans taking the photo of them. We could also interpret it as everyone has their own emotions and everyone thinks different. For example in the photo every person is pulling a different face and this shows how people react different to the same things. The photo is taken in Sepia Style as this was the type of camera they had back in 1929. I like the refection of the window as it adds depth and make it more interesting as you can faintly see what happing in the street behind. The photo makes me feel inquisitive  as i want to know what they are looking at.

London Cut outs – Final PIECE.

These are my final pieces for growth and decay. I have used the photos from my shoot in London on brick lane because it shows the decay of the area and how the people who live their get affected by it. I created the images by using the dark room to create negatives and positives. then I cut out the shaded sections of the image but not all the way though so there still was photography paper left. When i then placed them on to a Lightbox it highlighted the cut though areas. I did this to show that not all graffiti is vandalism it could be to hide messages or to help the graffiti artist themselves with emotions that they face everyday. You can tell this by the artwork they create such as if they drew people like the one i used. This person may me nothing to use but i may mean something to them such as a deceased family member or idol. Some gangs use images and tags to show areas that they ‘own’ / ‘control’. The photo make me feel interested to find out why some people graffiti and what goes through their mind when creating the piece.