The movement of water – final piece.

This is my final piece for project 2, i chose the theme of journeys and explored the different journeys that takes place every day.  After much research and exploration, I focused on the way water moves and lead me to create this moving image. The inspiration of this piece came from someone pouring water from a bucket down the drain. So this lead me to pour a bucket down my driveway and film it on my SlR. Once I filmed it I manipulated in iMovie. I split clips and changed the speed, this gives it the effect of time slowing down. I also changed the contrasts and tones. I positioned camera on a tripod to hold it still hill the water flows, this adds the effect of time. Time becomes more noticeable in this piece, this is what I tried to recreate. My favourite part of this is how you can also see different parts of the film that aren’t even about the water itself. For example there is an ant that moves across the frame. This show s despite how in the 21st century we live busy lives and we don’t notice nature or anything but ourselves. This was lit by to LED lights to make it more bright, you can tell I have done this in the piece. This piece makes me feel young was it looks like a documentary and you learn if you just slow things down. If you look around the photo you can see a lot more things are happening.  I think it shows beginnings and new starts so this is also why it makes me feel young. I looked at my previous moving image piece, from that I created this one. But I still prefer my last one as I think it means more, especially to me.


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