Journeys Moving Image.

This moving image clip is taken along a road near my village in Warwickshire. On this quite country lane I decided to film the journey I have to take everyday to school. This is significant to me as school is where I learn and gain experiences for later life also meet new people. This is the relationship between the photo and me (the photographer).  This was taken on a summer rainy day in june and the white dull background is to symbolise that every day is blank to start with life in some respects as the day before is forgotten so we can expand and learn more. The clip is in colour but with a low contrast so it gives a black and white effect. The reason for this is you can start the day upset and lonely isolated in your headphones on the car journey but when you get to school with peers you can feel open again. This piece make me feel relaxed and calm because of the winding roads and soundtrack. This film was manipulated using Imovie. I slowed some of the clips to make it how it seems to the mind like time is dragging and when i manually put the camera out of focus it was to show sometimes we day dream. I also created a sound track to fit in the with the film. This helps to create mood and help the mind give its own opinion on the clip.


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