Shoot 1 – In the style of The boyle Family.

This shoot is in the style of the Boyle family on the shoot they took. They conducted this shoot by picking random points around the UK to take photo of that location. I did this in my home village of Birdingbury, Warwickshire by using an ordnance survey map and a piece of string. I make a radius of 500 yards around my home and put 20 dots on to the map. This is how I found the locations for the photos above. The shoot represents the place I live and the things you don’t notice walking down the street. None of these photos have been manipulated but I plan too for my final piece for the Journeys unit. The contrast of all the photos is dull because of the time of day i took the shoot. But this made me think does everything look different when the light changes around you. It creates new shadows new looks and impressions that wouldn’t usually be there. So this is a possibility for my final piece too. The photos make me feel intrigued to find out what else can be found that you don’t usually look at. The shapes in the photo were all accidental as they were taken directly downwards on the point I chose on the map and all the photos are in colour.


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