London Cut outs – Final PIECE.

These are my final pieces for growth and decay. I have used the photos from my shoot in London on brick lane because it shows the decay of the area and how the people who live their get affected by it. I created the images by using the dark room to create negatives and positives. then I cut out the shaded sections of the image but not all the way though so there still was photography paper left. When i then placed them on to a Lightbox it highlighted the cut though areas. I did this to show that not all graffiti is vandalism it could be to hide messages or to help the graffiti artist themselves with emotions that they face everyday. You can tell this by the artwork they create such as if they drew people like the one i used. This person may me nothing to use but i may mean something to them such as a deceased family member or idol. Some gangs use images and tags to show areas that they ‘own’ / ‘control’. The photo make me feel interested to find out why some people graffiti and what goes through their mind when creating the piece.


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