Task 2 Homework – Photos.

I shot theses photos at a disused railway line near the village of Birdingbury, Warwickshire. I have focused my images on Graffiti and also the factor of neglect. I have talked about neglect before and i think it links with the photos above by the general public letting the railway get overgrown and vandalised by youths. Graffiti shows a decay in society with nothing for people to do o they go out to vandalise other people’s property. I have looked Joel Sternfeld  who looks at disused railways in america. I haven’t worked with any of my photos to improve them but i want to work in Photoshop and the darkroom to increase my level further. One of my photos is of a wall with graffiti on it. The wall has the slogan “Hillmorton Crew”. This is used as a form of identity and a marker for a territory. I think graffiti is interesting as people express their feelings and artistic sides with producing images or words. Some youths use graffiti as away to express their anger and emotions. I like the way i have captured the light with  the “Hilmorton photo” with it being divided into 2 showing a dark and light side to the graffiti shown.


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