Photographers Research.


Joel Sternfeld is a american photographer and he was born in 1944 in New York City. The photo above is taken from one of his early shoots when he experimented with colour. This photo was taken in Chicago in they year 2000 on a early september morning. This photograph represents loss or replacement. In this case loss of a network or being connected. In America the rail network played a big part with the national industry with raw materials being shipped nationwide. This photograph shows how urban development takes over when money is involved.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 20.39.25

Stephen Gill is a British photographer who grew up and still currently lives in Hackney in London. He has always worked in the photography industry from a very young age. Now he is a freelance photographer. His work with the urban landscape just shows what can be hidden from people. His work with billboards  shows that they can be used to hide things or promote. The photo was taken in Hackney and in front of the billboard stands houses. The caption for the photograph is children should never be neglected. This suggest that nobody really cars about the scrap yard its just a pile of rubbish and this links with that caption completely.


Kate Mellor is a British landscape photographer best known for her series of panoramic images and her pinhole camera images. The series from which the above photo was taken is called ‘In The Steps Of Robert Pinnacle’. She was commissioned to take photographs of european spa towns and took photos with a pinhole camera. The reason why the series is called ‘Robert Pinnacle’ is because she followed that artists ideas as he visited the same places.


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