The Paper Project.

The paper project shoot. The ideas For the paper project we got given 1 piece of paper; Card and a lamp with tracing paper. We had to be creative as possible with the objects we had. During the first shoot we were allowed to do what we liked with not much meaning behind the photos. For example the screwed up bit of paper in a ball. That did not mean anything it was just a photo. In the second shoot we thought what we could change from the first shoot. We decided to make a meaning with every photo. The photo that has the rolled up paper and a light at the end of it represents life. You don’t know what is coming round the corner. Another photo from the shoot that makes me thing is the photo where an open-ended tunnel is laying flat. This represents a person in my eyes. Made up of different sections – Some strong and some weak. Also what I like about this photo is that you can see the lines of the paper , so that represents to me the veins of a person as they travel to the brain which makes the decisions. I would like to study more into cells and development of the brain and make a moving picture in iMovie. A selection of my photos from the shoot could represent a new beginning such as a new path or opportunity . Theses photos are the ones of scrunched up pieces of paper with 1 small part unfolded. None of theses images are edited in Photoshop but it will be experimenting with it and also may start to layer some of the photos on top of each other to make it look like mountain ranges.


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