Unit 2 – Task 2. Second artist.


For the second artist to research I have chosen Keith Arnatt. Keith Arnatt photographs not just still life he also did real life photography which is when I he captures thing that happen in life such as birth and death. Also things like sadness as the photo above shows. The photo is of a cushion thrown in a landfill site somewhere in the UK.  This could represent loss or decay. The reason I think lost is because it looks thrown on the floor where it is dirty and unclean. This could show the current sate of economic downturn . For example rich people go from the top of what they do and have a huge house to the lowest they ever have been either because they have owned a business and it has gone bankrupt or they have lost their job. The reason for decay is that slowly around the cushion everything is rotting away and the cushion will eventually too. Keith Arnatt relates to my photography by the way he edits his photos as the photo above by Keith was taken in colour and then edited to make the cushion to stay in colour while the surround was made into black and white. I would use his techniques in my work like the black and white and then one object in the image in colour.


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