Unit 2 – Task 2. First Artist.

Large_WL_Photo_Karl Blossfeldt 070

For task 2 my task is to research 2 photographers who photograph still life such as flowers and nature.  I could pick 2 out of 7 photographers. The 2 i picked had to relate to my style of work and photos from task 1. I chose Carl Blossfeldt, Carl Blossfeldt took photos of plants and flowers close up he used a black and white style in many of his photos. Black and white photos can completely change the mood of the image from happy to sad or emotionless. I compare his work to mine as he shares the same opinion about veins and life and comparing hymn with nature. He always uses close up shots like I did in my last shoot and also positions the camera at an angle were you can see the side and top and then in some images just from the side. This could be interpreted as some things have 2 views and some people have just one. I like the way that he modifies the flower or plant to suit specification of the image he tries and creates. For instance there is a image of a blue bell that has been dried out and he has taken the petals off it so you can see inside off the flower. This makes me think that he was trying to get the point of don’t judge a book by the cover.


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