Unit 2 – task 1. Final 4 images.

The photos above i have chosen as the best 4 images for task 1 of unit 2. They all represent life to me in some way and i will explain why. In all of the photos you can see the lines of the plant, flower or leaf. This represents veins and veins carry blood around the body to keep it alive. The image of the brown leaf I interpret that it is old slowly decaying like an old person but it is still a human as it has veins and a back bone. This image was edited in a program for mac called camera bag. It was edited by  changing the Contrast, Exposure and Luminance Contrast. Camera bag is a software like Photoshop but simpler to use. You can change a number of things when the image is in Camera Bag. Such as  Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Luminance Contrast, the R,G,B Curves, Shadows and also Highlights. Many photographers use these programs to enhance the images. The next image of the red flower leaf on the lamp. I interoperate this image as the flower tells a story. The flower is dead like a human and the paper tells you why but we can’t always see the full story. This image was also edited in Camera bag with the area around the circle being made black and the flower still remains red. This was done by changing the shadows and also the luminance of the lamps light. The 3rd image is of the red flower surrounded by darkness. This makes me think that the flower is new like a baby is and then how it doesn’t know what things are happening in the world. Such as war, poverty and so on. Its mind has not been influenced yet by others except it own family. The wide lines “veins” show love and then as it gets older the veins get smaller as it know how bad the world can be and the hateful people who make it bad. This was edited by making the red more vibrant so it really stands out. The final image is of the ivy. This shows family , how everyone is different and its important to be different. This shows family by all of the ivy is on the branch and it shows that everyone is different by the different patterns on the leaf. I like to get the importance of everyone and everything has to be different as if everyone was the same the world would be a very different place as it is today. There would not be rich and poor, no happiness or sadness. These images were also edited by changing the saturation and exposure to take the colour out of it. This gives it the old affect. I wanted to create this affect as it shows family last for generations and they last forever is everyone is different.


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