Steffi Klenz – Manchester Council Houses.

Seffi Klenz  Steffi Klenz takes photographs of council houses in the suburbs of Manchester. The houses are being knocked down to make place for new ones to try to make the area better. This photo shows how some people don’t want to move on and they say in their house until they have no choice. The photo in my eyes represents decay in more ways than one. My first opinion is that the homes are being knocked down and memories are being lost. My second reason is that lives are being damaged as they have to move away from a area they love and their lives are being disrupted to move somewhere else. In the photo to the right you can see new houses that are built, more modern.  Steffi has done this to show that even though the new houses will be better for them people still don’t want to move from their homes that they have lived in and cherished. On the last house to the right the bricks have been exaggerated with most of them missing. This shows that slowly overtime its getting destroyed until nothing is left. The colour of the bricks that have been used to build the houses are different. They could be different to show different people who live there for example: Ethnicity, Generations. The windows and doors are all the same shape this could show how everyone who lives there are the same but some people have to leave as they have no choice. This photo has been manipulated in photoshop by joining images together. This gives it the panorama effect. I could use this in my work by doing derelict buildings in my area.


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