Task 2. Experimenting.

For task 2 I had to put together a contact sheet with my own images. The theme was ‘growth and decay’. I took this idea and chose sections from ‘growth & decay’ and took photos.  My first photo of the tree that is cut in half is about the rings. My idea of this is the rings represent marriage and death as the small rings represent the start and then the bigger rings on the outside represent death and knowledge. The next image I want to look at is the hand with 20p coin and the £20 notes. This represents paths, paths of life and the money you earn. The more money the better the life is  for you. This image was edited using Photoshop. To get this effect in Photoshop you have to: 1. Open Photoshop. 2. File then open the images you want to use. 3 then use the lasso tool and select the parts of the image you want. 4 Copy the parts and then paste onto your main image. 5 Then use the move tool to put the image into position and use the opacity slider to get the best looking images. 6 save your work. Photoshop is good as it can completely change the image looks to different things such as sad to happy. Using Photoshop is a good way to show to meanings like the photo with the flower in my hand. I portray this as hold death in my own hand. I think this because the flower is slowly dyeing over a period of time and it’s getting smaller.



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