Task 1 – Extension Task.

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Don Mccullin is a interesting photographer as he capture real life situations around the world. The photos above are from the series ‘Don Mccullin in England’ and this was to do with the strikes in the 80’s. For instance the photos above are from Bradford where he was sent from the pressto photograph the area and people. He came across racism and poverty on a huge scale. In the above pictures he captured how bad some people lived and the true reality that not many people had seen and this makes me feel sad and why did nobody do anything to help them. The photo of the children with the wall painted with “No Nazis in Bradford” gives me the impression that they dont sides or killing but it happens anyway. But this is affective how the photo is in black and white as the people in the photo are black and the writing is white so this could show racism. Also on another hand Don took a photo of the rich out for dinner and how the men used to flirt with other women and how they did not care at all what was happening in the area. There is a photo of a young black person smoking and this gives me the impression that there is nothing better to do.


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