Task 1 – Growth and Decay resources.

This is task 1 of the homework for Growth and Decay. I have made this out of newspaper clippings, quotes and photos. I have used news paper as a background because I think that the world and everyone relies on the media, people believe and follow it. Also the media only shows one side of the story, the side that they want the public to hear, I decided to take headlines from news papers. Local and national news papers are the same they want people to buy them so some stories can be adapted and misconstrued. I have focused on headlines to do with prison and justice. The one that stands out to me is ‘Crime falls despite police cutbacks’. I don’t believe this at all, as look at the surrounding headlines ‘Teen in court’. I have underlined ‘Teen’ as there is a growth in teen and young people getting in trouble with the law. That headlines links with the photo where the police are looking at the burning buildings during the London riots last year.  The riots were made up of young people all over the country. The headline “Improved route will serve the hospital” makes me think as why would they need to improve it as there must be more people going to that hospital. This could mean that more people could becoming ill due to the world. E.g more fast food restaurants, cheap takeaway meals, more homeless people with lack of food. The quotes that I have put around the page are not necessarily famous but mean something.  For example “where wealth accumulates men decay”. I interpret this in meaning that the more money someone has it can make your life worse as you have nothing to live, nothing to achieve. “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space there is own power to chose own response. In our own response lies are own growth and freedom”. I think this means that we have our own power to achieve our goals in life. The quote “Fascism is Capitalism in decay” could mean that some of the government plans are just a bad money making scheme”. The photo in the top right hand corner is a queue of people waiting for the job centre in the last recession, this can relate to growth and decay as there are more job centre’s now and more people need them. The next image is of cells as they grow all the time in us, animals and nature. Cells can mean new beginnings or maybe war when we get ill. The next photo is of a grave yard I have picked this for decay as bodies get placed there and It rots away leaving a head stone with their name on with a small quote relating to them left by family and friends. The next image of smoke is to do with decay as you can’t tell on the outside but inside your organs get blocked which results in death. The image towards the bottom is of a derelict house this can evoke both growth and decay as people leave or move onto new places leaving things behind that get abandoned but new elements can grow such as plants and animals. The next image is of a baby this is growth and how they grow and learn and then they decay in the end of the human life cycle. The final image is of money and how this plays a key part of growth and decay, the more money you have the more in life you can have. This shows growth and the decay as it can sometimes be bad for example if you don’t have much in life it makes you think you cant enjoy life but you can as you don’t need money, family and friends are important. All of these sources are from various places some from newspapers and the quotes are from a quote website that allows anyone to make there own quotes. The photos are from various place some are from BBC website and some are just off google images. I would take the quotes and put them into picture form by using depth of field. So if it was a quote like “money means more than people” I would put the money in focus and the person not”. I would take the derelict building further by maybe using coulor photography rather than black and white. I will take photos of money, politics and wealth and not go into nature as I think the more day to day style of life is more interesting to photograph. I will use a mixture of techniques including depth of field, shutter speed and aperture.


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