Strongest Image from contact sheet 2.

This is my strongest image from my retake contact sheet. I think this image stands out because of the exposure.  My main aim for the retake was for it to be over exposure at the top right hand section of the skull.  I like the sharp bone at the top of the photo this could suggest that the skull has been warn away by the weather it has left with a bitter edge. I like the texture in the back of the skull as it shows pattern. I took this photo close up trying to get a macro effect.  At first the photo was dark so I increased the ISO to make the photo brighter, increasing the iso allows more light into the lens. Soft light has been used as there is dark shadows. This photo could be a moutian range with the black bit being the outline and the light coloured being the clouds and the over exposed part of the the image could represent bright light of the sun. I think this photo links with my previous strongest image because in both I have  used the same angle in the shot. The things that are diffrent is that the lighting is in a different position.


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