Strongest image from contact sheet.

I have selected this as my strongest image because it demonstrates over exposure. I have taken this photo in colour as I can then see the texture in the background of the skull, I have focused on a particular section to highlight the texture. In the foreground the lines are out of focus which could mean acid erosion which links in with are topic ‘Growth and Decay’. Here I have used a narrow depth of field by setting the F stop to 2.8, this then gives it a macro effect. I like the way I have taken this photo as you can’t tell what it is without thinking about it. I positioned the studio light on the other side of the bone to make the bone glow giving it a warm effect. This photo makes me feel happy  as it mostly has light colours in it. I would like to continue with this technique, making an abstraction from a form allowing the viewer to interpret the image as a totally different form.


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