Aperture – Explanation.

Aperture is how much light is let into the lens. The aperture is controlled by a series of blades which changes the amount of light passing through the lens. This is measured in “F” numbers. The numbers range from 36 to 2.8 and the order is like this;  36,32,22,16,8,5.6,4,2.8. These numbers range from lens to lens. Aperture combined with time allows you to get the right exposure. The meter on the camera will help you to get the correct exposure. On the meter it ranges -2 -0- +2. Some photographers use aperture to create a mood in there photo. Light photos could suggest Birth or summer days. Dark photos could suggest Death or night-time. To create an over exposed photo you need to select the smallest F number which is 2.8, this allow most light into the camera to create an under exposed photo you need to select the largest F number which is 36 which allow less light in.


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