Genres of photography

Architectural Photography
Andreas Gursky is an Architectural photographer who travels the world to find interesting buildings. He also takes photographs of factories and superstores. Some of his best pieces are really simple but clever as he captures everyday products and life styles. He does this by getting low and high angle shots. The image above shows a panoramic shot. This creates an atmosphere. If i were to take this photo I would have divided the fans up to make each side different. Another point is that this photo has the correct exposure. I would present this as a portrait photo, as we are all the same so even though we don’t necessary both have the same view we can still get along together as one or a big family. Andreas has focus on the game and used lighting to show this by having the middle lit up which draws you to the centre of the image. At the back the spectators are hardly  lit. Another suggestion is that the people at the front with most light could be very rich and have lots of money and the poorer people at the back where its dark.

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