Genres of photography

Still life Photography
Imogen Cunningham

 Imogen Cunningham photos are based on natural life. She mainly takes photos of flowers and plants. She tries to capture them in full beauty. The way she takes the photo in black and white is effective as I think it gives the photo shape and feel. At the top of the leaf there is alot of shadow either side which suggests that hard light is used. I like the way she has positioned the light to make it look like sun light as it makes it feel more natural. Another reason she has maybe  used black and white is because it gives the plant another side as a plant is harmless and then when it is put into black and white sharp points become more noticeable. I don’t like the way the photo is at a slant as it makes the picture confusing but I think this is the point of it. Even though I do just like the simplicity of just having the leaves and the white background in the photo.


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