Genres of photography

Street Photography
Diane ArbusDiane Arbus is known for her street photography around the world. She finds people with interesting personalities and features. All of her photos are in black and white this makes them look more realistic, like with all facial parts and blemishes being highlighted. I think soft light has been used in this photo but it’s her hair that gives the shadow on her eyes. Also I like the way that the lipstick stands out as it gives the photo a gothic feel and how her face looks so expressionless. From my research on Diane Arbus she lets the person she is taking the photo of relax and give a natural pose. I think the way she has her hair makes it look uncared for. I don’t like the way that the background is blurred out as it would of made the photo very interesting if you could she where she was, to find out more about her as a person. Another thing I admire is the way the black scarf is only slightly visible.


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